About OKO
Our OKO family is made of equal parts lovers of technology, people, and cannabis. We came together to build the best end-to-end staffing solution in the industry.

With all the excitement and change in the world right now, a number of opportunities present themselves along with it. At OKO, we saw an opportunity to not just build another HR or education platform, but to proactively take the initiative to create a completely new and unique response to a single core question-- "What if the only thing you had to worry about when running your business was simply delivering the most ideal experience for your employees and customers as possible?"

To accomplish this, we have to create a virtuous cycle by producing best-in-class educational content, we can create a system for standardized certifications that truly reflect knowledge in any specific vertical. The result is the absolute best product for businesses looking to hire the best talent, and the absolute best platform for talent looking to find great jobs.


Alex Gohorel

Full Stack Engineer

Alexa Silvers

Head of Compliance

Bradley Faught


Brian Qian

Full Stack Engineer

Caleb Brown

Head of Training

Charlie McKee

Head of Sales

Farhaj Mayan


Peter Nagel

Director of Recruitment

Rylee Thompson

Full Stack Engineer

Shemar DaCosta, Jr.

Full Stack Engineer

Trevor Brown

Director of Operations

Vu Francois


Ziljian Aguirre

Head of Revenue
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