A better way to work independently

Meet Soko, a verification and compliance engine and back-office collaboration platform for independent workers and the companies that hire them to work together seamlessly.

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We're the tool you wish you had before things go wrong

We handle the onboarding, verification, and ongoing compliance process of working with contractors for your business.

Avoid worker misclassification
Save time and reduce errors in vetting
Everything under one roof and audit-ready
Simplified onboarding

Import and automatically onboard your contractor list or send unique invite links.

Automated risk management

Automate background checks, license verification, worker classification, and company status.

Continuous monitoring and recommendations

Real-time compliance monitoring and risk recommendations.

Audit-ready documents and reports

Shareable documents neatly bundled for auditing.

Seamless integrations

Integrates well into your preferred HR tooling stack.

Enforced security standards

Your data is safeguarded and protected, meeting all necessary data security and compliance standards.

How it works



Onboard contractors by importing a spreadsheet or sending a unique invite link.



Collaboratively upload documents and details alongside contractors to their profiles.



Receive a real-time compliance scores and recommendations, get periodic updates as your workforce changes, and audit ready documents.


An API that scales with your business

Our API makes it easy to understand, implement, and iterate on your contractor onboarding and compliance process rather than building from scratch.

Get up-and-running faster
Cut development cost and complexity from implementing multiple tools and services
Receive real-time compliance recommendations on your process

For independents, we're your business-of-one playbook.

Your one-stop shop

Setup your site in less than 5 minutes and use it as your central hub to share with clients.

Own your work data

Own your book of business, compliance documents, personal records, and control who can access it.

Track your earnings and automate taxes

Manage your services, invoice customers, track earnings, and automate all taxes.

Legitimize your business

Incorporate your business for potential tax savings and other benefits.

Protect yourself

Get your business insured to protect yourself and your partners.

Access affordable benefits

Get access to health benefits and more.

How it works



Get onboarded by companies, clients, or sign up yourself and add your clients and companies.



Collaboratively upload your contracts, 1099s, certifications, and other business documents into your centralized profile.



Access tools, services, and benefits you need to run your business.

Our Mission

There's a fundamental misconception about who independent workers are in today's economy.

They aren't just gig workers or laborers. They are business owners who are multi-talented, diversified, and aspire to achieve more through the quality of their work. And equally, they want the fruits of their labor to reflect that.

Just because they may have a 1099 classification, balance multiple sources of income, and only manage themselves doesn't mean they deserve to be classified as anything less than or denied access to services as any other business would.

We believe the future of independent work are businesses-of-one who can easily manage their own book of business, fully capitalize on the quality of service they provide while always maintaining compliance and protecting themselves and their clients.

Our mission is to give independent workers the tools and services to make this future possible.

Coming soon

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For companies, we're the compliance tool you wish you had.